Update on my health

Michelle ★★★ • My Rainbow Baby is here! healthy and strong!

Hey ladies! Just wanting to give an update on the appointment i had this morning with the oncologist/lung surgeon.

this appointment was like a meet and greet with the oncologist because he didnt say anything new. I was afraid at first because at first i was in the room by myself and my mom and brennen were out in the waiting room and the nurse came in and said that she advised my mom be back there with me and she would help her bring the baby. That scared me because i was waiting to hear some bad news. So the doc comes in and he is somber but extremely friendly. We went over my breast history and the fact that i am BRCA2 positive. This gene predisposes me to several cancers including breast and ovarian. He wants me to wait until i am completely healed from having a baby and having post preeclampsia so i go back in January for another ct scan of my chest. He drew me a diagram of the tumor and said that he has a good feeling it is not cancerous but we have to see if it shrinks and my lymph nodes around my lungs shrink and go back to normal. He just has to see if the mass and lymph node swelling is due to my high blood pressure from preeclampsia or not.

other than that, i am in great spirits and enjoying my lil guy who will be 3 weeks tomorrow!