sincere advice needed

So I'm currently 37wks pregnant with my 3rd child and engaged to the love of my life(2 kids are ours). He went out of states to Virginia last week on Monday and came back Saturday morning. We have a past (him cheating on me) and even with that I chose to stay with him. All that to me is in the past and it'll stay that way. I know all of you are aware of hurricane Matthew and how it also hit Georgia. I live in Georgia and got hit with hurricane. So I'm trying to keep in touch with him while hurricane is going on Friday. I was getting contractions from being stressed. On the other hand he wasn't really genuinely all that worried. Come to find out he went out with two co workers of his including his brother. He bitched at me how he was only there for work not for pleasure because I kept telling him to come home before hurricane came. They were out bowling Friday night while I was suffering home alone with no power or water with literally the 2 biggest hoes of the warehouse that we work at. He lied and said he was tired and wanted to be home. When in reality he was enjoying himself betting money and went out for dinner with them which to me makes it look like a double date. Never did he tell me about that not even now. I feel betrayed and so hurt. I trusted him but with him lying in not sure if I should confront him now or after delivering our daughter. I'm 2cm dilated and 50% thinned. I'm totally hurt and can't seem to stop crying. How can someone you love be so hurtful to you. He's making me look bad at our job over 2 hoes! Just don't know what to do