A rant about someone talking about my excessive sweating

Okay guys so I have this guy friend, well someone who I though was my friend talked about me like a dog. Talking about how I don't need to lift my arms up, because my arm pits smells. Honestly I sweat a lot under my arm pits  I use to be so insecure about my sweating until recently when I try not to care what other people say. But that right there took me back to being insecure. I tried to tell myself that people don't notice because no one pays attention to that but apparently they do. I mean honestly I thought he was my friend and I know I didn't stink because I could still smell my deodorant. That's why I use it because I know no matter how much I sweat it would still cover me. It just makes me want to stay away from people because if it not one thing it's another. You would think because we are all in college we would be more mature but I guess not.