Devon • "I think Coolsville suck..NO DON'T RECORD THAT!"

So I've been seeing a lot of abortion advice post and in the comments there is some who are supportive and some who arnt. Now I understand standing up for what you believe in but there is no need to be hateful about it, instead ignore it, because you don't know why their doing it and it's non of your business.

Abortion isn't just a selfish act, though it can be. There are many reason as to why a women would get one for example) 1 she doesn't want kids. 2) her health (a baby actually needs a mother during their first time in the world) 3) she not financially able to take care of herself so how could she take care of a baby 4) the father left her and she has no support 5) she was raped and can't bare to raise his kid...I could go on but I won't. She could have also used birth control or a condom and yet it fail and she's not ready so you can't use the whole you open your legs now you have to pay for your responsibility, she was being responsible with sex things happen. (Off subject but women come on let's stop calling each other sluts and hoes and all that, it gives the men right to...I mean come on let's grow up, WE ALL HAVE SEX anyway)

Abortion doesn't mean she can be a slut and not pay for her responsibility, not even close. Learn before you accuse women of murder. Abortion is already hard enough and she's going to live with it for the rest of her life, so she doesn't need you to make it harder.

I'm not saying you can't be pro-life, you can you just don't need to be a bitch about it.

Rant over

Edit* and wouldn't you rather her be able to have a safe abortion or stick a wire hanger up her vigina and hurt/kill herself (people do that) I mean I'm just saying