measuring big

Nessa • Wife, mother of two girls (pregnant with #3, a BOY!! due 11/26/16). ❤️
To mommas who measured bigger did you go into labor before your due date? If so how much sooner? Had our 33 week appointment today with an ultrasound baby is measuring 2 weeks larger, so 35 weeks. There was no talk of moving up my due date and I don't have GD or any other medical conditions, just seems he's going to be a giant. He is also already head down midwives think he's too large to worry about him turning anymore, thank goodness. The reason I ask is my husband is best man and i am on the brides side in an upcoming wedding Sunday October 30th. I'm a little worried as it's over an hr away and obviously I'll be doing tons of standing and walking. I would  hate to go into labor at the wedding. Talk about embarrassing 😣 But being preparer I'm thinking I should pack my hospital bags with us just in case.