omg it was so not expected 🙄

Sarai • Mommy of 3 amazing teenagers!
So my SO and I are looking to build our home. So yesterday we went to meet the builder so he could show us some floor plans etc. When we arrived his wife was with him and he said she wanted to tag along if that was okay we weren't bothered. So we're going through houses and he asks us how many bedrooms are we thinking and I said well four because we have our kids and then We are trying to conceive. I said hopefully this is our month 😊 So when we're done we go into his office to talk numbers and then he mentions that they are also looking for a bigger house because there expecting baby #4, so we're like oh congratz blah blah all that good stuff
As we are getting ready to leave (his wife was in another room) i say oh congratz your husband told us your pregnant how awesome! She then says to me in a very lazy voice "oh thanks yeah we weren't even trying go figure" I was just grinning the whole time saying oh how nice.. 😬
So we say bye and the minute we get in our car I tell my SO omg!! Seriously (mimicking the wife in a sassy voice) we weren't even trying 🙄🙄 i was like ugh and here we are using pre seed this month trying to have sex at different time frames making sure we're doing it on the correct days etc. Jeez! And she gets pregnant "not trying" 😤😩
#Rant over