Is sex supposed to always feel this way??

Jen® • I`m 19 and think I know more than I actually do. Young & Dumb.
 So I had sex for the first time in almost 2 years the other day. It felt like the first time! (I'm 18 btw). Anyways, due to the pain, we couldn't really try any positions other than missionary, but during it, I swear all I felt was the air in my vagina. The sex was good and all, but the feeling of there being a little air pocket kinda ruined it. Is it because of the position I was in or will it always feel like there's an air pocket inside of my vagina? I haven't had sex since in a while so I don't remember the feeling at all...also, please recommend some good positions to try so I don't have to feel the air pocket!!
Thanks!! xx