Anyone else 38 weeks but just 1 cm?

Suzie • First time pregnancy my husband and I have been trying for a long time so I'm very thankful/nervous about it!
I'm not trying to rush my baby boy out at all-my due date is October 25th but I'm really hoping for a Halloween baby (I think it would be a fun birthday)!
I am not sleeping well at nights anymore, ankles and hands are very swollen (blood pressure is still good though 👍) 
I honestly just wish this nesting phase would kick in! I have been cleaning and organizing but have to stop every 5 minutes because I get exhausted. ANYWAYS!
Do you all think I will go over my due date since I'm only 1 cm (I was 1 cm when they checked me at 37 weeks)? I haven't had any extreme lower back pain/increased hunger/loss of mucus plug or other prelabor symptoms that I've noted. 

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