I just DONT understand why people get in relationships to be unfaithful. For that you could've just stood single & been with all the females/males that you wanted without hurting somebody that actually cares about you & saw a future with you.  It's like people don't know what they want any more. It's crazy how " sorry " & " didn't mean to hurt you " they become after getting caught . Or the famous " I didn't mean to , I didn't know what I was doing " no you knew & you didn't care about the person you " love " but you also thought they wouldn't leave you ! I hate it hate it hate it. I pray one day you (We) will all find someone that truthly loves us & is loyal to you ! Don't waste your time or put yourself in more pain with someone that constantly keeps hurtin you ! One day you WILL be happy ❤️🙏🏽
& if for the ones that already have their one ... Appreciate them & always remind them how much you love them ! 🌹