brother rant!!! sorry it's long

Ughhh I hate my brothers especially my 17 year old brother the most. I feel like smashing his face in sorry just really pissed. His comebacks all the time is my boyfriend. Ok so this is how it started. My little brother who's 15 is on probation for like a year. He got caught being a lookout while his friends were trying to get in a truck. Now he's in juvenile detention center for burglary of a truck. My mom goes to court on Thursday to see what's going to happen. He got caught with my 17 year olds friends. One got away i don't know how but when he got out he talked to my 17 year old brother. He told him that it was my 15 year old brother that want to hit a lick. The cops told my mom my brother was just the lookout while they were digging in the car. Ok so the argument started by my mom telling my 17 year old brother lets just call him (J). That the cops told her he was just the lookout but my brother said he wasn't. I trust the cops more than my brothers fake friends. J said oh the cops lie wtf so i said "so do your friends." He said stupid as fuck why would my friends lie to me. I was like why wouldn't they they're fake af. So he started talking shit about my boyfriend of 1 year and 5 months. Saying oh don't talk shit because I got a lot on (N). I was like ok idgaf what you want my too do cry. He was saying oh that's why I put him in check which he never did. I was like you want to talk shit about him but what about when you came home high eating the food he bought. My boyfriend would always lend my mom and dad money for food. My boyfriend all nice gave him money because he felt bad. Which my dad didn't give it back till like a year. While my (J) came home eating everything my boyfriend paid for. Then he started bring up oh what about the rides dad gives him that's like $5 each ride. He don't ask for rides my dad always wants to give him rides. I told him (N) doesn't talk shit about you so don't put his name in your mouth. He then started talking more shit and more shit. It made me so pist I just wanted to grab something and bang his face in. That's always his comeback I don't know why but he's always talking shit about my boyfriend for no reason. My boyfriend never talks about him but (J) is always talking shit.