I need to vent

I've never been so depressed I know this may not be the place to vent since it has nothing to do with ttc since I was 18 I've always been employed I would struggle here and there but with a job I managed on Oct 7th my bf was fired due to what they considered a ncns he's been with his company for a yr and a half no write up never been late never not showed always there does what he's told we had plans to go to Laughlin since we work together he asked for the day off and I was gonna leave early long story shot he asked for the day off (verbal ) he got it so when that day came the manager was asking for him he even asked me . We start out shift from 7am my bf called the manager told him you know you had gave me the day off etc ! He's response was he didn't remember so there was no proof that he asked for the day off so my bf went back to work at 9am so see what was going on and told them he can work they fired him because of that on his termination papers said terminated for 1 ncns how can that be how can a so call family company fire him he didn't do anything wrong it's not his fault because a manager couldn't remember at that moment I had my husband crying in the parking lot how could I have worked for a company like that I didn't think and I told them I quit I regret it because now we're both without jobs and I'm so depressed this happened Friday we've been applying for jobs and hoping but I'd what to you 😢😢😢 all my money went to bills I have a car payment all the bills for this month is paid idk what to do 😯😯🙁🙁🙁😔😔😔😔