Hate my mil

Can anyone give me some tips on this woman.

From when I met her I knew she thought I wasn't good enough for her son and would make little comments to me disguised as 'jokes'.

She is a Muslim but married a Christian man. She didn't raise her children with any religion but now in her later years she is going back into her religion.

I went off her completely after we had fertility testing done and she said she knew it wouldn't be her son when his sperm tests can back normal...

I am currently pregnant and tried to make an effort. She pleased with my parter for us to have a Muslim wedding. This is for her to look good in her community (the same community who shunned her when she left it to marry a Christian, the same community who didn't want to know her children until the older generation had passed). My partner said he would do the wedding to make his mum happy. I said no. He felt that it wasn't a big deal just to sit in her house and have 10 mins ceremony.

I said no I am not muslim, he is not muslim and my child is not muslim. We argued about this as he felt it wasn't a big deal to me but it's a big deal to his mum.

Anyway he told her it wasn't happening and I knew it pissed her off. The same day he told her she tried to give me a list of Muslim baby names. Then she tried to be rude and said that I couldn't name my baby one of my family names if her son couldn't use his dad's name as a middle name.

This was 2 months ago. We haven't spoken again. She apparently said to my partner that she thinks she upset me with a comment but she was joking and that in her culture the younger should contact the elders. He told her that isn't my culture.

The baby is due in a few months. I refuse to contact her but it is becoming more awkward!

Any ideas what to do? This is anonymous as my sister is on here and don't want it to be linked.