Has baby ever kicked you in the kidney?


20w, very active baby (I feel him move and see him move all the time.). Last night he was rolling around and suddenly my lower back was in a whole lot of pain , radiating only from the right side. Absolutely no discomfort or feelings of any kind other than the baby from my uterus. It was so bad I had to wake my husband up to rub my back which didn't help. It was that kind of pain that isn't excruciating what kind of makes you feel like you want to throw up. This morning it occurred to me that it felt exactly like when you get hit in the kidney. Has anyone had their baby do this? I've heard it's possible or that sometimes baby lays on your kidney and can cause the same kind of pain, esp if you are thin like I am which means there's less padding around organs

( if you're wondering why I wasn't concerned enough to go to the ER it's because I had had my check up with an ultrasound the day before and have my anatomy scan today and baby is doing perfectly. Definitely asking the doctor today but was wondering about your experiences)