Relationship advice pls 💔


Hey girls.. It's quite ashaming to post this here but after so many months in which I'm literally coming home almost each day to cry about it and be depressed I just feel like I'm going crazy.

So.. I have a one year relationship with a boy that I love very much. We almost never had relationship issues and we are pretty bonded I'd say. (I know him since middle grade and ive liked him before he even liked me. After a series of try outs from both me and him, that have been denied out of being shy, we got together finally when the both of us got the guts to try out).

He never made me cry and he is usually very careful with me and with my needs. He even steps on his parents' rules for me. Cooks for me when im sad, buys me flowers every month on the same date and gets me chocolate randomly.

He is very sociable however and nice. And as you know, nowadays being nice is taken as flirting. Well, he is being nice to all these girls. All of them. And i mean okey.. i wont get mad of him. Like. Thats okey. But recently they started flirting with him even in front of me. It's so bothering. You know? When there is some girl who turns around just to smile at him every 2 minutes while we are having the medicine course. Who checks if his reaction to everything said in class and who got to the point in which when he whispered something to me, she turned back thinking he would whisper to her. And i dont mean to be childish, but its so annoying when he is nice back to her so much that all her faceboom feed is full of "maybe we met for a reason" "you might be my blessing or my lesson" posts. Or when she finds eveey stupid reason to talk to him and he doesnt deny it. And mind you. She knows that he is with me.

And, i would normally think that he doesnt like me anymore and that he is over me. But not when he keeps on holding my hand even if she sees it, or kisses me just as if she isn't there. He doesnt even mind her at all but it annoys me that he is so fucking nice to her.

I know it may sound so stupid for those of you who are listening to this, but for my other girls who know how it feels to feel like an outsider in your own relationship when certain girls are around.. please help me. What should I do? I know he may not like her but its making me depressed. Im living in this constant state of close to the limit. I crave the safety of the relationship that we once had before this girl.. any advice? I brought this up once to him and he said that i dont trust him. Or that he cant just stop talking to girls because he is in a relationship. Just.. help me please. Any advice would be okey 💔 thanks for listening