We Dem Boys!


Greeting Twin Parents,

Christina and I have just entered parenthood, yesterday, 11 October. Our twin due date was 14 November, and we delivered at 33w1d...Things happened so fast from water breaking to see our two lovely boys Wyatt and Wolfe. Here is the short version:

Waters broke at 5am, we called the midwife hotline, and they said to come in immediately. Once in the hospital they confirmed Christina's water broke, cervix closed no contractions. This was 7am. Contractions started and within 3 hours she was dilated to 6cm. Everytime she had a contraction Baby A (Wyatt) heart rate went from 150 to 40-50 so they said he was in distress and it would be too risky to deliver naturally eventhough they were both head down; given the low heart rate and being premature.

We went directly to theatre to deliver the boys. Wyatt was 4.3Ibs and Wolfe was 5.2Ibs. They spent 24 hours in the NICU for breathing support. They are now in Special Baby Unit to get support with gaining weight and breastfeeding. We love them so much, and cant wait till they come home!