This kid is driving me crazy!

My boyfriend has an 1 year old child, who's life I have been in since day 1. I love him dearly and treat him as if he is my own. We have 50/50 custody with the mother and this is our week with him. Our normal babysitter cancelled last minute for the whole week (the sitter is a family member, and this is a typical occurence) so I volunteered to watch the baby since I work nights anyways and my man works days. Usually it's not a problem for me and me and the kid get along great, but this week he is really pushing my buttons. I don't know what to do, I have never had experience with kids before him so it's all new to me. I don't know what is wrong with me but I got so angry today that I was seeing stars and had to leave him in his room so I could cool down and cry it out. I almost felt violently angry(i would never hit him or hurt him!). All because he took the remote off of the couch. Am I just stressed? Is it normal to get so angry you feel like you could literally pass out? I don't like feeling like this because if I am going to be in his life, I want to be happy with being around him...any advice?? Help! 😭