New Years Eve baby and holidays?

Mikayla • I'm 23, married for 4 years, we have a beautiful 2year old little girl! she is our universe!!!! I'm a cancer in a home with two Capricorns!!!! Baby #2 due may 2019!

I'm due on new year's <a href="">eve</a> and we usually have Christmas with my moms family on Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> and the big family on Christmas. My doctor said since our baby girl is measuring a week ahead I could have her anywhere between a few days before Christmas or around new year's. So we aren't sure what to do about the holidays bec of the high possibility of me being in the hospital around then. Do we ask the family to wait? Or do our Christmas with everyone early just in case? Or what?

What would you do? New Years <a href="">Eve</a> is also my husband's birthday so he hoping she comes then but we don't know what to do if she comes early....