Miracle Baby

After a premature preterm rupture of membranes (PPROM) at 20 weeks and 23 days in the hospital my miracle baby was born. At 24 weeks 3 days I was on hospital bedrest for the 3rd week in a row. I woke up and had a perfectly normal day.  Very minimal leaking of fluid and it had even even turned clear again after being pink for a few days. Then I ate lunch like usual. It was spicy so I knew it would give me gas but soon I started feeling really bad. All of a sudden my entire spine started pulsing and was extremely painful all the way from my head to my tailbone. I started sweating and having really bad abdominal cramps. I tried using the bathroom but couldn't, then all of a sudden I felt my uterus contract. I called the nurse and by the time she got there my contraction had not released. The monitor picked up baby's heart rate at 112 then lost it. After a few minutes of searching she just kept picking up a heart beat in the 80s and assumed it was mine. She called in another nurse who found a heartbeat in the 60s and also thought it was mine. When they realized my heart rate was 100 they called the doctor in. She did an ultrasound and found that the baby was in agonal rhythm which basically means his heart wasn't beating. All of a sudden everyone started calling the specialist and the OR to prep me for an emergency C section.  I was calm until they transferred me to a gurney and started running me down the hall. At that point I lost it. My fiancée had just visited 2 hours earlier and was back at work. I called him and told him to rush to the hospital. When they got me the the OR there were so many different doctors and nurses getting ready. Two people grabbed my arms and started an IV in each one while another person put the mask on my face. My OB started prepping me while a fourth person put the drapes up and a fifth undressed me. I was shaking uncontrollably and breathing so fast I was praying that they would just hurry up and knock me out. 14 minutes after the doctor said "agonal rhythm" my son was born. They stabilized him in the OR then took him to the NICU. My fiancée had made it to the hospital and was waiting outside the OR doors so he followed the baby up and stayed with him. When they woke me up I was in excruciating pain because they did everything so fast that I never got an epidural or any pain medicine. Just anesthesia. My first question was "is he alive?"  I was so worried about my 24 weeker with possibly stunted lungs because of the rupture. Not only was he alive, but he was stable. They had to resuscitate him but his vitals bounced right back and have been stable since. We are so lucky to have made it this far. He is 1 lb 8 oz of absolutely perfect baby. It was the most terrifying way I could think of but my boy is here with us and we are looking forward to watching him grow in the NICU.  Luckily we are at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. They deliver more babies than any other hospital in the country and have an excellent NICU. All of the doctors and nurses have been AMAZING.  Now that my crazy PPROM journey is over we start the crazy journey of the NICU.