False alarm!

My midwife sent me to l&d after I called her & told her about having consistent braxton hicks & I thought I was feeling my cervix, very low. Like, right there in the opening of my vagina. After going to l&d & getting hooked to the monitors, a midwife came in to check my cervix. Turns out what I thought was my cervix is actually my sons head 😂 she said, um that's his head, you aren't dialated but I did have to go around his head to check your cervix! His head is RIGHT there, baby boy has definitely dropped as far as he can go. So no preterm labor (Thank God! I am 34w2d) just a head down & well engaged little boy. She said he may be coming early, since he is in the position to come, but not today! She also said that he is probably a little, 6-7 lb baby, so less likely for me to tear! I'm glad I went in, for a peace of mind, but I do feel a little silly, lol. Now I know why I have been feeling like I have a bowling ball between my legs 😂 baby Kieran is ready to come out, but my body isn't. Sorry love, you need to hangout for just a few more weeks!!!