this app and pregnant hormones

Some days I get on this app and can't help but comment "you're wrong" "omg shut up" and "is this a serious post". I can't be bothered on those days to uplift another woman and honestly don't give two craps about your 5 week gray blob ultrasound photo.
I admit it, I get so annoyed sometimes with some of these posts I just can't keep quiet. I know, I know, it's bad. And I feel bad when those kinds of moods past.Β 
Then other days, I can easily ignore those posts and I comment on other posts like "aww, congrats!" and "You look beautiful" "I remember how happy I was when I was only 8 weeks!" and am ALL ABOUT lifting other pregnant woman up!Β 
πŸ˜… this is my life now.Β 
I'm just being honest...Β