Tip of my placenta is low

I'm 14 weeks exactly I went to the bathroom to see brown spotting which scared the ish out of me. I made an emergency appt yesterday. Went in baby heartbeat was great and he was moving around. Had to go back this morning for an ultrasound to check the placement of my placenta. Dr told me the tip of my placenta is low which is causing the spotting. Tip of placenta not getting oxygen. Which he thinks will move away with time. Worst case scenario I would have to have a c section instead of vaginal delivery.. Tonight I used the bathroom and it dripped out into the toilet instead of just being in my underwear. Everything I am reading online people are saying their Dr put them on bed rest until the spotting stops. He wasn't my normal Dr but told me I can go back work.. You should I get a second opinion. I don't want to be working and cause more stress. Has anyone else experience this??