I don't understand him-

So almost two weeks ago - I had gotten upset with my bf (which I've had for more than a year) and I spoke to him face to face about the small problem & it resulted in him saying we need a break [this was on a sat. Night]. Then Tuesday came and we hung out like normal and then Thursday came and we hung out like normal again and had sex and such. So then on sat. Night I called him and decided to meet up with him and discuss what we were doing. We then officially ended it that night. I stopped texting him yet he would still sc me and I just never would respond. And today he asked me if we were still able to talk as friends and that upset me because he was the one that ended it with me. And he still hasn't told anyone we broke up and he still has all our photos up in his room (so I've been told). But why is he in denial when he's he one that ended the relationship and he got upset with me because I told him we couldn't be friends anymore when he had beforehand said we couldn't just be friends