Summer Fling turned around☀️

So this last summer, I met this guy and we talked For about 2 months. (He lives in South Dakota and I live in Arizona, but I visit South Dakota for some holidays and summer.) We practically spent every minute together, and over time developed feelings. In the end I ended up losing my virginity to him and first kiss and then headed back to Arizona the day after. The sex wasn't good, but that didn't matter cause I had feelings for him. He was always making
Me laugh and that's what I look for in a guy. He made me gain so much self confidence over the summer, I can go days without makeup and finally be confident in my body, because of him. We stayed in contact for a little, but he has trouble keeping convos going. He told me he missed me and things like that, but like a month into it we just basically stopped talking. I wasn't bothered by it since our convos weren't really convos. But I just wanted closure, so I texted him asking if he still had feelings
For me (the convo is pictured)... and Then later in the convo he said "just because I don't feel the same doesn't mean I don't want to stop talking." When he told me he no longer had feelings for me it somewhat broke me. I got over it after a while and found a new person. This new guy is basically a hookup, for some reason I can't develop feelings like I had before and I'm lost. I've had sex with this guy multiple times, and he doesn't just want it to be a hookup like I do. I posted a picture with this new guy to my story on snapchat and the guy from South Dakota saw it and then posted to his story a black screen video with sad faces and in the background "like I would" by Zayn was playing. And I'm pretty sure it was about me, he's told me those lyrics before when I was in South Dakota. That then messed with my head, and just last night I had a dream about him and it really got to me. Idk why I can't get over him, but I feel like he still has feelings for me... 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated or just any comments. Thank you ❤️