Are accidental pregnancies- "accidents"

Ashley • 👣SAHM🍼﹏∞wife∞﹏🍷Italian﹏Pisces♓ ﹏🌴BeachBum 🌊﹏
Say a husband and wife of 12 years get pregnant. They have three kids already. A 10 year old and a 13 year old. They werent using any Bc, and basically the husband said, if it happens it happens ☺ well, the wife (a closer friend of mine) keeps saying it was a "SURPRISE." We talk a lot and about everything. She feels it was an accident bc it wasn't "planned." Even her husband has told her there's no accidents when you know what causes babies. Now, I'm 12 weeks, and she's 9 weeks. My husband and I were NTNP, and leaving it up to God, as we have a 12yr old and 9 year old twins. We got pregnant pretty fast. Even tho we weren't actively "trying" I don't feel or believe this baby is an "accident." She keeps making it sound like we both got pregnant on "accident" and how surprised she is. I mean, ppl know how babies are made. If you're having unprotected sex, and get pregnant, how can you be surprised!!!????? I just don't get it!!! Anyone else have the same opinion? Different opinions??? Just curious as to what everyone else thinks.