Sleep training with roommates


My 4 month old daughter, her dad and myself live with another couple in a two bedroom house. I am a ftm/sahm, My hubby works full time and is a VERY light sleeper as well as a raging bear in the am. That being said my daughter an I have taken to sleeping in the living room to keep the peace and allow daddy the sleep he needs. This puts LO'S bed time anywhere from 12am - 2am.

The other woman in the house doesn't work right now and her bf doesn't work until late in the morning, so they are up past 12am most nights. Even with my bf sleeping and the hour they are both extremely loud, the bf is especially inconsiderate as a housemate being noisy among other annoying things.

Being the only parent that is raising our daughter, it's up to me to get her on a schedule. Daddy doesn't help much and the roommates don't have kids, so that makes them insensitive to my LO's needs.

How can I get this whole house on board and get us working together on this so my daughter can have somewhat of a structured life while we're here?

Any suggestions are appreciated.