I'm scared to have another baby!!

Rebecca • 27, TTC my second baby. I love my husband for giving me baby #1 who is the most amazing gift in the world!!
This is just me having a good old rant!! So I have an 8 month old little boy who is the most amazing thing in the world and I would do anything for. 
While I was pregnant my husband helped out round the house doing the chores and cooking tea because I felt sick for the first 17 weeks 24/7. He would run me baths and even went out into town to get me a hot water bottle because my back was hurting so much! He used to love feeling baby kick and always said how he couldn't wait till he was here and how he wanted to take it in turns waking up in middle of night even when he was back at work, he was even amazing through labour, my waters broke all over the bed and he came up and took the sheets off and laid some towels town so I could get some rest in the hope my contractions didn't start straight away (surprise surprise 20 mins later they did). 
So fast forward to baby been here and he did nothing!! He's 8 months and I can count on both hands how many times he's changed a nappy and fed him a bottle. Around 5 months old he started interacting a little more but only by taking him in the bath and a quick cuddle.  Now he's 8 months old and he interests a lot more. He's only fed him baby food once, and normally he comes home and will give him his night time feed but he can't do that anymore as LO is in bed asleep by 4:30 every night (I understand this isn't hubbys fault) what I'm trying to get at is I basically felt like I was a single mum because although I have a husband he was no support whatsoever and I literally did everything. Now I've wanted another baby for a while and now my husband has turned round and said he really wants one too and we are actively TTC but I'm scared things will be the same again when this baby comes and I'm terrified because it really got me down and I nearly left a couple of times with my baby because I just didn't wanna be with my husband anymore, I've spoken to my husband and he's apologised and admitted he was completely shit and said things will be different this time, all I can do is take his word for it, I love my husband to bits but I just wish he would be more involved x