OMG Daddy!!

Let me start off first by saying that my husband really has helped me a lot with our baby! He even wiped up my blood in the bathroom while I was in the hospital. He's got up with baby before in the night. He helps me throughout the day. He even goes to baby's appointments with me. It's been awesome! What isn't so awesome is his attitude. When I ask him to do something, he replies that he has to do everything, which he does not. He doesn't have to pump and do all of that. In fact, even though he does help, I'm still left with most of the feedings a d diaper changes because he wants to get out and go do his workouts. He acts like I'm totally helpless. I'm two weeks PP so I still have a hard time with a few things like getting up and down and touching my feet. My hips still kinda catch so sometimes I need help with putting my underwear on. Apparently, I also stink. He claims that I smell like corn chips. I take a shower every day! Even though he has got up with the baby, it was only once and I had to force him to get up. He was furious! For me, running around and taking care of the baby is tiring. He fussed because I left a nursing pad wrapper on a chair. I tried to explain that I was trying to hurry to get things done before the baby woke up so I forgot about it and forgot to throw it away. He still told me I was a trashy person. Instead of calming her when she cries, he just says "Would you go back to sleep?". She doesn't understand that! I just drove our huge SUV for the first time and could hardly park it (I'm really short!). He told me that I look absolutely retarded. I'm like okay. I just gave birth to a 9lb 14.6 ounce baby and I'm trashy, retarded, lazy, and I stink. Really?? There's no "Oh you're beautiful" at all or anything of the sort. I cried once and he told me I was a good mom but that's it. The night I made him get up he was all like, "You can't take a vacation from being a parent!". Well I definitely am not! I was so tired from being up with her night after night. I just wanted some good sleep for once- the first time since I delivered! Plus my gead was throbbing!! And he made me feel horrible about it and wouldn't get anywhere near me. I stayed up crying. Like damn. I'm just the worst person ever!

Update: Delivery was vaginal with a 2nd degree tear. Sorry, forgot that detail!