Social Media and In-laws...

Tricky topic here. I'm due with my first child right before Christmas. She'll be the first female grandchild on my husband's side and his family is looking forward to welcoming 'their princess.' The only other grandchildren are twin boys who were born earlier this year, so the grandchild/nephew/niece thing is super new to them and exciting (as you'd hope it would be, right?). 
My quandary is this: husbands family LOVES social media and I am not a fan. With the twins, they were all over the place, posting photos and videos, numerous status updates, etc., which was great bc the parents didn't mind. However, I'm a very private person and I DO NOT want this once-in-a-lifetime moment to develop into a million status updates/tags or have my newborns photos shared with who knows who on social. However, I also don't want to squash their excitement. 
How do my husband and I nicely but firmly ask them to respect our wishes for sharing on social without me coming off as the super controlling DIL? I really don't want to deal with comparisons to my BIL/SIL on delivery day since what I prefer is so drastically different than what the family experienced with the twins birth. I also am not wanting many people at the birth and don't want a lot of visitors afterwards, which is going to upset ppl who want to be there during/immediately after delivery. I'm struggling between wanting to do what I know is best for me and my personality (very private) and what his family is expecting. What to do???