we don't know our own strength

Tay ❤️
it's so frustrating to me seeing people saying that a third party candidate can't win the presidential election. This is the first time in history where both republican and democratic candidates are hated by the majority of voters. If there was EVER a time to overthrow these parties it would be now. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are (in my opinion) much better options than either Trump or Hillary and they would be crushing both of them if they had the same amount of money and media influence. We've all convinced ourselves that we have no power as voters so many of us are voting for Trump or Hillary because we feel like we have no other choice. But we do! If we knew our power as voters and especially as consumers then we could fix a lot of problems without the governments help.
I guess my question is, do you ladies think our votes don't matter? (I'm asking that as an honest question) because I know a lot of people think it doesn't make a difference who the public votes for