Still pregnant!

I've done everything to try and have him out naturally. I've walked hours upon hours... I've done like a gazillion squats to the point where my legs became numb and yet stronger. I've done deep squats until I felt the huge urge to pee. I've taken evening primrose oil tablets internally and digesting them. Nipple stimulation, a boat load of sex, acupressure, reflexology, massages... I've even tried the relaxation method. And nothing has worked. Absolutely nothing. I waited until 38 weeks when the dr gave me the okay to actually TRY...  and here comes week 40 and my son still haven't presented himself to the world. And before anyone says to me that he comes in his own time, yes I know. It's everywhere in this app. I'm only here to vent and express how TIRED I am... I'm physically exhausted. I can barely sleep at night because I'm so anxious and stressed out because I'm most likely going to be 41 weeks and get induced. I wanted this to be all natural and have him come with all those stereotypes. "Omg my water broke!!" Or "I'm having contractions!!" Maybe even both! Yes the actual percentage of having my water break is low but still. SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! And here I am still pregnant... I'm giving up officially. I'm way too tired to even lift a leg. 
I also tried the birth ball and fresh pineapples and pineapple juice!!!