He took her.

SO came home from work, I was crying. I was trying to be calm and quiet putting our lo to sleep for a nap. We are in a growth spurt right now and it is not ending anytime soon. My nipples hurt and I haven't slept more than 8 hours in the last 52 hours, all in 30 minute spurts. I just need help. He yelled at me, told me it was my fault I am at my wits end. Took two bags of breast milk and left with her. He said I better sleep while he is gone and that I better not pump. He has only helped at night by yelling my name to make sure I am up for her. I sleep on the couch so that we don't wake him. Last night he said he isn't interested in bonding with her until she can communicate. He said he wasn't expecting that his life would change and that he regrets it. He says my milk is gone and that's why she is upset. It's only been 2 months.