pissed off 😡

I booked an appointment with a obgyn 5 months back (in April). I called that practice today to confirm the time(apt next week), they had my appt data but they asked me to contact other practice where she moved. I called the new practice and she couldn't find my appt data in her system. The person at new practice mentioned that they mailed her patients about her practice change.but I haven't  received any  mail or call from them. The worst part is when I called the new practice they asked me to book another appt which is available in February 2017. 😳 I tried to get obgyn appt  since April 2016 and now I have to wait till February 2017( almost an year😱). I'm so pissed off with this experience and decided not to book any appts from here on, till I conceive 😏. How do you guys deal with such situation ? Have your ever encountered one?