Baptism and my boyfriend -_-

Hey ladies !

My son is a month and 2 weeks old.

I wanted to get him baptized this month. But my boyfriend called into work 2xs months before the baby was born so we got a " step " ( it's a write up and u go back on probation for 3 months have to call in 2xs to get one )

Which was going to fall off in December so I said okay we can do it in December - January right ? He goes yes that's fine ! So I was gonna call church this week cause they book for 2 months called in August to have him baptized in oct. So now I gotta call this month or nxt to have it in December or January.

So my bf texts me on break while I was napping with the baby and says he got another write up for missing ( missed Monday cause alarm didn't go off ) so it don't fall off until til April... now I'm fumming as it is !

He called me on his last break which was at 2. ( he works 4am-6pm 3xs a week sat sun mon ) and goes ya it don't fall off until April I go u know I wanted him baptized in Dec or Jan and he goes well than call a different church' not like they are gonna remember u I go it's not the point that's my church I got baptized there took my communion there and my parents got married there. No I'm not THAT religious but it's just the point. And he goes well ur being difficult I don't see the big deal I go it is a big deal I'm not just gonna switch churches. Than he goes well ur gonna be waiting awhile cause I'm not asking for a day off ( which they would give him if he used his time ) it just pissed me off and it's like I wanna get this done and have him be there but he just don't care i understand he's nog religious and dnt believe in it that much. But still the point is it kinda pissed me off for him to say that I should just go to a different church

Advice. ???