Pineapple "Dangerous" while pregnant??

Soooo I'm up at my normal insomnia stage/time period. All normally have a hearty veggie salad or fruit salad while I watch a Few movies. I'm curious, I just decided to look how many vitamins pineapple has, since my salad was full of it tonight. I'm shocked that I seen mixed reviews about it, Some say skip that and papaya and some believe it can cause preterm labor or Miscarriage! Others say they are super nutritious and full of vitamins, and safe during pregnancy.

I must admit I'm a acidic fruit fan, I normally have- strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, sliced oranges and bananas... Too much?? What fruit are you ladies eating? I'm not too crazy about Blueberries or Raspberries being as though I can never find any that are sweet.

I'm mainly curious about the Pineapple theory- Thoughts, comments, concerns?? Please vote and or comment💕 I hope all of my Feb moms are having better luck sleeping then I am!😧

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