Am I Pregnant?

I'm really freaking out rn. I'm only 17 years old and there's a chance that I'm pregnant. I've been dating my current boyfriend for only 3 months but I know for a fact that if I was pregnant, the kid would be his. My period is 5 days late and I don't know what to do. Every urine test (at home and at the doctor) says that I'm not pregnant but my doctor sent me for a blood test just to be sure. We've never even had sex without a condom. I also went online to check symptoms but pregnancy symptoms and pre period symptoms are BASICALLY THE SAME. I don't know what to do if I am pregnant. I'm in the honors society at school and I had plans to go to college. I also wouldn't know how to tell him about it. I'm just super confused and don't have anyone at home to talk to. I'd really appreciate any advice you guysare willing to give me ❤️