does it bother anyone when.. rant!

Does it bother anyone else when they refer to your baby as their baby? My dad constantly does this and it drives me crazy.. Any time I post something on fb or say anything about my son he is always referring to him as his baby or he will always make comments about how my son looks just like him or acts like him and that drives me up the wall too because I don't want my son to be like him honestly. I can't ever say my son looks or acts like my husband or myself without him saying oh no he looks or acts like me. I get that he's excited to be a grandpa, so I don't ever say anything. Him and I just reconnected in February after I found out I was pregnant (hasn't been there a good 70% of my life and we started talking after almost 2 years without seeing or talking to each other), maybe that's why I feel so annoyed about it? Idk. Rant over lol