how to combat the flavor of... man juice.

May be TMI, but I want to make my man feel the way he derves, I love him so much and I know his cock is a part of him and it needs some love too. But literally... Every time I try to give him some mouth lovin', I can taste that warm, awful, mucusey taste and it makes me SO sick. I can actually count on two hands how many times I've gone down on him in almost 3 years!!! I feel like a really crappy girlfriend that I never do this for him since i know how much he loves them; I mean he knows how much I hate it so truthfully he never asks for it, but being said I still feel guilty that I can't seem to handle it to surprise him and do something special for him. Seriously,  I've actually thrown up and chocked it back down *nasty* mid BJ before... Never asked if he noticed but I'm sure he did... But I can't be the only one, right????
How do you all get past this??!! Any tips? One of those fancy ones where you like, sip some tea that makes some sort of feeling for him but puts a decent flavor in your mouth?  Because the whole "just remember it's a part of the man you love" thing just ain't cutting it :(