pregnant twice and no baby

In August I found out I was pregnant, but then the very next day I started bleeding .   It ended on miscarriage.  I irss I was one of the lucky ones because I didn't have to have a DNC.   Then the very next month I started to feel pregnant again.  So I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.   I was skeptical though because I thought maybe it was leftover levels from my first pregnancy.  Well I keep taking the cheap tests every few days.   It looked like the lines were getting darker.  So finally I took a digital test and it said 2-3 weeks.  But then I started bleeding again.  So I assumed I was miscarrying.    A week later I took another digital to see if my levels went back down, but instead it said 3 weeks!    So I was happy thinking it was just bleeding that some women experience.    Then I started to bleed again. So o saw my doctor and come to find out I had an ectopic!   I was given a shot that was inteddd to clear my tubes.   They never found a heartbeat so I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that.  But it's just so depressing losing two babies.