Anyone else?

I'm 35 and a half weeks and my husband and I have bought everything for our baby ourselves. No baby shower. No gifts or anything from any of our friends or relatives. Not even a simple celebration has been planned. Although I'm happy and proud to have been able to buy everything our daughter needs on our own, I can't help but feel a little sad that no one in our lives really seems excited for us. It's not that I expect or want people to shower us with gifts, in all honestly I would probably refuse gifts anyway since we can afford to get the things we need ourselves (money is tight, but I think that goes for anyone with a growing family lol) but a little enthusiasm would be nice. I hear all the ladies on this app and on Facebook talking about their awesome showers and all the great support they've gotten from friends and family and it makes me a little sad. I kind of wish someone would have at least offered to throw us a shower or some sort of celebration for the baby. No one besides my parents have even asked to come visit in the hospital whenever she's born. This pregnancy has really made me realize how alone we are 😰I'm probably being hormonal and over sensitive, but it's hard to tell these days LOL anyone else in a similar situation?