My Castor Oil Story

So after going to my last doc appt at 37.5 weeks, I told my doctor I haven't had a bowel movement in 5 days. I tried prune juice and flushing out with lots of liquids, but I still wasn't able to have one and I was having tons of pain.  He said to use castor oil (only 2 tablespoons) to help get things flowing and it could potentially help labor start. I know there are lots of mixed feelings about castor oil, and I mentioned them to him about baby pooping in uterus. He said 2 tablespoons does not pass the placenta, sometimes people overdue it and take so much in a day that it may have some effect on baby like all other things. I took 2 tbsp and in 30 min I was on the toilet! I felt so much relief... and made sure to stay hydrated like my doc said. It did not make me contract or anything, and baby is still moving around with no signs of labor. After a few days I still show no signs of labor, baby perfectly healthy and fine. Was hoping it would help a bit, but did absolutely nothing for inducing labor. Just wanted to share my story! Anyone else that has tried it, I urge you to tell your story too!