Someone willing to reassure me?

Hi all, I am currently struggling a lot with my situation. I met this great guy and he is generally super sweet. He is so similar to me, and he is exactly who I look for in a partner. We have been dating for about a month and a half now. It seems like everything is against us right now though. He is in the Military and he is making preparations to be deployed. I can never see him. I am currently in college and I am an athlete so I can never go see him (the time I went to go see him I ubered because I don't have a car at school). I am in love with him but I hate our situation. He wasn't that busy when we first started talking so he could FaceTime and text most of the day but now he is becoming more busy and stressed. I am struggling because I feel like we don't talk a lot anymore and we are starting to get snippy with one another because he's stressed and I am starting to cling. Can anyone give me advice?