Sorry guys but I have to vent, I need someone to hear me. I'm in the military, I've been in for a year and it was great till I got to my unit.....I felt very motivated and now I'm not.Let me give you a little back story, so I got to my unit in March and I was very respectful and everything was great, I had a boyfriend back home(now husband) and he was joining the Air Force and we were going to get married, and get double BAH. Things go out of hands and he got injured in basic training, so he was getting chaptered out, so I invited him to move with me 2 weeks before he got chaptered out and he came here and we got married. I went to the field, came back, took a PT test, failed the run, and failed my height and weight. It's an honor to serve my country believe me but I'm just tired and stressed. Yesterday I went to the hospital because I was having a panic attack and I wasn't getting enough air. I'm stressed, I feel like I'm trapped and I can't do anything and for some reason everything is exhausting. I can't run in formation and I'm not great at physical fitness, and everybody in my unit thinks that I'm giving up on myself or that I have a tiny heart and that I'm a shitbag because I've made mistakes before and Im not good at PT, and I'm tired of this. My husband doesn't understand this and he wants me to stay in for few more years but honestly being looked down on sucks, and I know I signed up for this but I didn't expect it to be this way. Also I've been injured since basic training and one of my sergeants thinks that I'm faking everything and that's why he puts me in shitty details, but honestly I'm at the point where I'm done. I'm sorry for the long rant I just don't know who to talk to and I know I signed up for this so please don't be rude. Thanks!