clomid and confused

I'm on day 31 of cycle. My 21 day blood test showed I didn't ovulate, however i got stomach cramps and a slight increase in cm a few days after my blood test.  It's 10 days later and my nipples are really big, sore and red, not my breast just nipples, even my hubby noticed. I don't get periods on my own, Iv always had to take provera so I'm confused, is this a sign that my period might be coming. For the last week, Iv also had an increase in creamy white cm. when ever Iv had a period by taking provera I don't really get the signs that it's coming. Iv taken a pregnancy test and its negative. Are these all good signs that I might be getting my period on my own without medication. Otherwise how long should I leave it before I take my next lot of provera.