Am I overreacting?

Ok so I have an issue with my MIL, it's been ongoing but never really let it out till recently.
I have a 4 month old, this is our first baby my husband is very attached to his mom (like very). She's nice overall but she does like to manipulate things and tries to always seem like the good person.
Well to make long story short my MIL likes to ignore anything I say, when it was discussed who was gonna be at the hospital for birth I always made it clear it was gonna be my husband and my mom, well when I got induced I was in labor two days and both days she spent it there and would make comments like oh when it's time to push I might step out so your mom can stay and what not which really irritated me, then after the baby was born she was there all day too, and she would make faces at my visitors (none of my husbands family went) so it really irked me well the day we were gonna get discharged from the hospital my doctor was no where to be found so they ended up discharging my son first so then my MIL made a comment says if she and my husband were gonna take the baby, that just sent me over the age, I had bad PPD & anxiety so from there I would limit the time that she held my baby she comes over once a week to see him but when it's time to go over to her house I never like to let go of my baby I feel that's my way of establishing my authority over my baby.
Well finally she told my husband how I was being and he is super upset I'm about to clear things up with her, but am I really that wrong?