drinking before interview

Okay I I have severe anxiety. I've had it all my life. I usually have it under control unless I'm in a stressful situation of if im around people I don't know. I just got a really good interview for an amazing job. I'm well prepared and I've been practicing. But as always, I bomb every interview I attend. I blank, I forget what to say, I start becoming really awkward. That's why I don't have job. Well recently I discovered, this anxiety goes away when I drink. Would it be bad to down a beer or 2 before my interview? A friend is taking me so no drinking and driving. And I'm going to drink coffee as well. I need this job, idk what else to do. 
* I don't have a drinking habit, I don't like drinking lol i deal with my anxiety day by day I don't like taking drugs either . It's just this interview was important. I got scheduled for a second interview! I ended up Having a couple beers and I did great ! Won't make this a habit though, thanks guys