So I want to thank GLOW so much for helping me get pregnant !

Dashae • Women of God. Bachelors degree. Married with a beautiful 2 year old son praying for baby number 2!!
So I want to thank GLOW so much! This app was amazing. It gave me insightful information and told me when to take a pregnancy test. Things I did #1 prayed ! I asked God every single night to please bless me with a baby. #2 had sex at least 3x a week before and after my period. #4 always tried to have as MUCH sex as possible on the GLOW days suggested FERTILE days ! #5 use doggy style position and missionary. I would then lay down immediately after so the sperm can stay in as much as possible. Idk just did every time we had sex. Well I hope this was helpful. Good luck to you all. Most importantly Keep praying and keep trying to make that baby.