Second anatomy scan: update


Artemis is perfectly healthy.

My main OB office sent me to a second anatomy scan because she was registering small at 20 weeks. Well, we were sent to a genetics specialist this morning. She is registering 10 days behind, and they said that's not really a big deal they are usually okay with +/- 2 weeks. We are only 22 weeks, so we have plenty of time to cook our little girl some more. She is at 13oz, and was way more cooperative this time around. We were actually able to see her profile, her arms and hands, and actually see her feet and toes this time. She apparently likes to snuggle into the placenta like it's a pillow and cross her ankles and tuck her feet against her bottom. She was always moving her jaw around, almost like a yawn but a few times one after the other. She then tucked her left hand over her face with such a dramatic vibe, I couldn't contain my grin. She is just so darling and stubborn and adorable. I'm so in love with her.

Here is her profile, she kind of looks like a Who from Whoville which I find incredibly adorable.