Break up and hook up

My boyfriend and I of 4 years broke up like a week ago. To be honest it's really been over for like at least a year already we were only hanging on by a thread. Well basically I made a tinder lol met this guy who is like 11 years older than me but i don't care about that (and yes I'm over 18) and i totally love his personality. Well basically I went over to his apartment and that's the first time we met in person after knowing each other for like three days idk (I took proper precautions so pls don't give me lessons) and we hooked up like almost immediately. We didn't do anything involving the word sex like no oral, anal or vaginal anything lol clothes stayed on... Well mine did except my shirt and I gave him a handjob Hahahaha this is necessary info for my question... Ok well basically that happened and I left bc he had to go to sleep since he was getting up early and now I'm like fuckin head over heels for him?! Lol I just don't understand!! And idk wtf he thinks of me. He's a shitty texter ... Maybe just because he's older?! I don't even know how his dynamics works because he's older and that might sound dumb as fuck but idk dude anyway what do u think is going on w me? And am I an idiot for like being totally head over heels for him?? I know like y'all don't really kno the exact situation but maybe u can give some insight omg ok thx bye