in case you need a little laugh today..

Grace • cant wait to meet my little lady 🎀
Just had this conversation at the checkout stand in the grocery store..
Man behind me: "I hope this isn't poor etiquette, but when are you due?"
Me: "oh not at all, I'm due tomorrow actually!"
Cashier: *to man* "that's really rude to ask, you're lucky she wasn't offended."
Man: "oh.. I'm sorry" *looks embarrassed*
Me: "no really, you were totally okay! Don't be sorry"
Cashier: *to me* "so are you dilated at all yet?"
Me: *stares at her with wide eyes, grabs my bags, smiles at man behind me and leaves*
Hahaha so it's not okay to politely ask when I'm due... But it's acceptable to ask what state my cervix is in?! Not today lady 😂