Please Help

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and it is killing me that I'm not 100% sure of the paternity of my daughter. I found out I was pregnant April 12th, I took a test that evening around 10:30pm and it IMMEDIATELY turned positive. Like seriously, it turned positive as the urine was moving through the test, there was not waiting at all. My period was supposed to come on April 7th, so I was five days late when I took the test on April 12th. So this is my dilemma: I had unprotected with two guys in March. The first guy was my ex boyfriend and we had unprotected sex from March 12th-19th. My ex boyfriend always finished inside of me, so there no withdrawal or birth control. Then I had  unprotected sex with this other dude from March 27th-31st, but he pulled out each time. We actually used protection the first time but it broke so we said fuck it, which was obviously stupid. According to my <a href="">period tracker</a>, I was fertile from March 19th-25th and I have a 32 day cycle but it's somewhat irregular now and then. doctors office calculated my due to be Dec 10th but when I went to my 12 weeks ultrasound they moved it to Dec 7th. When I told the nurses and doctors, they said it's my ex boyfriend. I am getting a paternity when she is born but it is killing not knowing for sure. I really want it to be my ex boyfriend baby bcus he has been extremely supportive of me throughout this pregnancy. I truly believe it is his baby. What do you ladies think? I just looking for your opinions based on your knowledge on ovulation and such on who is likely the father of my daughter. Thank you in advance.